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Meet our accomplished executive board, a team of highly qualified individuals with firsthand experience in understanding the profound impact of Leaving the Sideline’s mission statement: “One suicide is one too many.” Each board member brings unique strengths to the table, contributing to the success of Leaving the Sideline in its mission to assist veterans, first responders, and their families. Explore the profiles below to gain insights into the diverse expertise and dedication that drive our organization forward.

Excutive Director & Board Members

Ric Minton

Executive Director

My military service had several ups and downs, being exposed to phenomenal achievements and crushing losses. While many wonder what it would be like to walk in another's shoes the simple fact is that we all have real struggles in the background. I know I have struggled even after achieving monumental things and was never quite happy or proud in the moment. WHY?? Well, that is the million-dollar question!! I have seen far too many friends, current and former servicemen and women take their lives leaving the world to wonder if they could have done more. I founded Leaving the Sideline to get involved in the lives of anyone that is looking for a community, more comradery which introduces new friends and companions, and a group that shares compassion when our friends are in need of an ear and love. No one lives the story book life; has everything they need or even feels connected at all times. That is why it is imperative to get involved and create a culture of one suicide being one too many!!

Theresa Norton

Theresa Norton

Board President

In the pages of my life, the chapter titled "Leaving the Sideline" began when my husband shared the mission of this impactful organization. As the spouse of a veteran grappling with PTSD, I intimately understand the profound effects it can cast upon a marriage and family. Much like many others, my husband was ensnared in the misconception that seeking help equated to weakness, leading him to battle his demons in isolation. It was a journey marked by years of silent suffering and untold pain before he sought the support he needed. Reflecting upon those challenging times, I can't help but imagine how different it might have been if Leaving the Sideline had been a beacon of support during those crucial moments. The organization's mission, declaring that "One suicide is one too many," resonated deeply with our experiences. In a landscape where the prevailing sentiment was to endure silently, the existence of such a compassionate community could have significantly eased his path. Leaving the Sideline is more than an organization; it is a lifeline for those navigating the shadows of mental health struggles. My association with this extraordinary family has been transformative. They have been a steadfast presence, standing by us through the darkest corners of our journey. In the pages of my life, the story of Leaving the Sideline is an indispensable chapter, one that underscores the power of collective support and the profound impact it can have on lives touched by the struggles of those who served.


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